System Shock

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System Shock is a complete remake of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.

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Feedback Process // U.I. & HUD Concepts
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jul 06, 2016 at 06:08:54 AM

New Question/Feedback Process

In an effort to better serve our backers, we’re going to consolidate most of our feedback/answers to Reddit in It’s been incredibility difficult to respond to every message and comment we get, and we needed a better solution to organize things. Please direct general questions/feedback there, and check there first to see if someone else has already asked your question. We’re not directly running , but several team members are moderators there and can respond directly to your questions.



System Shock U.I. & HUD Concepts

Hello Everyone,

My name is Corey from the Nightdive Studios U.I. // U.X. team. As a fan of the shock series since its inception, I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to work on this classic remake. 

Though the U.I. and HUD are still in a conceptual phase and will not be updated in the first patch to the pre-alpha demo, we thought we would share some of our concepts. Keeping in mind that this is only one direction prior to the full user interface and user experience study that will take place after Kickstarter – we are happy with the stylistic direction that has been explored thus far.

There are many challenges in redesigning the interface and HUD of System Shock (1994). There are a few antiquated features that have to be either removed or completely replaced. One example is the toggle-able ability to see behind your head with a cybernetic implant. The original game built this in as an “implant” or “ability” because the turn radius was quite low, making the player vulnerable from mysterious attacks from behind. This is just one of many things we are looking into outside a fresh modern look.

The new HUD concepts shown here are based off of a minimal yet futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. Concepts for the new HUD will be based on the idea that this interface that the Hacker is interacting with is projected on his retina. The grid, shown above is meant to keep all elements aligned as though on a surface before they are “bent” for the radical look.







You're awesome!
over 2 years ago – Tue, Jul 05, 2016 at 06:07:06 AM

Hey everyone!  This is Jason Fader, the Project Director on System Shock.  This has been a crazy 24 hours and we're already halfway there!  The team was incredibly overwhelmed by your support and we truly appreciate it.  You guys are awesome!  :-D

A word from Stephen

Our fearless leader, Stephen Kick, the CEO of Nightdive Studios and Creative Director on System Shock has a few words to share:

I'm sitting at my desk after our first day of funding and I'm finding it very difficult to put into words just how grateful I am to everyone and the support they've given us over the last 24 hours. Your outpouring is inspiring and we're doing our best to answer the various questions, requests and concerns you have regarding the campaign, rewards, supported platforms and bugs you've encountered in our demo.

Here we go!

Platforms: We've been listening to your requests and have started discussions with Sony regarding a PS4 release - at this stage we can't confirm System Shock on PS4, but we will follow up with an announcement in the near future with more details.

The Demo: Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and played our demo - also thanks to those of you who have been sending us crash/bug reports. We're planning an update early next week that will fix various issues and bugs you've encountered while adding in a few additional features for you to experiment with.

The 'Limbs for Days' bug
The 'Limbs for Days' bug

RPG Elements: We're aware of the discussions going on and while there is still plenty of design work to do, we have the best intentions in mind of making a game that will both challenge the player, while still staying true to what people loved about System Shock.

The Plan

As Stephen mentioned, we're working on a patch with fixes and updates based on all of your feedback.  That should be out around Monday if everything looks good.

We're also looking into ways of connecting more closely with our backers with some snazzy things like access to a private Discord server so you can chat with the team while we work on stuff.  If you have suggestions about more ways we can connect with all of you, please let us know :-)

There's quite a bit more brewing based on your feedback, but I'll talk about that in another update.

Social Media Stuff

Here are some handy links to keep up with the latest news:

Again, on behalf of the entire team, you have our heartfelt thanks for believing in us and supporting us so quickly.  This game will be incredible thanks to all of you!  <3

 - Jason